CISS (continuous ink supply system) is a revolutionary system that can continuously feed the cartridges in a printer therefore saves us from changing cartridges that empty too soon. The system is available throughout Europe.

How does the CISS work?
CISS uses special ink tanks that are placed on the outside of the printer, thus ensuring feeding continue. Also allows you to see the time when the tanks are nearly empty (because they are transparent). When the tanks are emptied, you can refill easily without having to remove the cartridges.

The ink used is of quality, so there will be differences between printed documents with a normal cartridge and CISS.

In addition, installing a CISS system is not an too costly investment (prices start at 30 euro). If we add the fact that you can buy a printer with CISS system preloaded, we have a perfect recipe for printing documents. Another plus is the very efficient technical assistance that CISSmarket provide.

In conclusion, we recommend that you use CISS on your printer for costs up to 95% lower.