Among the office supplies which are indispensables in any house it is the printer. More and more people buy printers and multi-function printers, reason why I thought to share some advices with you.
First of all, when you buy a printer, you have to pay attention to the post-acquisition costs that the purchased item will bring (I refer to tanks and paper). why is it important to pay attention to this costs? because in most of the cases they are higher than the acquisition price.

In order to achieve printer using costs as lowest as possible, I propose a simple and easy to reach solution: buy a printer which has a CISS (continuous ink supply system) instaled. This printers come along with some special tanks with high quality ink, which do not need to be changed, they can be refilled with CISS ink anytime(also available to sale on the site).

You can choose from the well known printer brands, as Epson, HP, Canon, etc, or you can even request a custom offer.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a printer which involves minimal post acquisition costs, I advice you to buy a printer or a multi-function printer which has CISS incorporated.

P.S. I also recommend you to read this article where you will find more tips to consider when you buy a printer.