Small-in-One printer from Epson is an affordable and ultra – compact one wich have WiFi connectivity and CISS Ink System for Epson.

Epson Stylus SX235 W is a printer thought for the users who buy for the first time a printer. So, it’s characterized by a handiness/easiness utilization and by a very – excellent rapport quality/price; you can save time (because it’s a wireless printer and more than that, it benefits by iPrint technology wich is very useful because you can imprint documents or images from your smartphone, laptop or tablet PC in a very short time), space (because it belongs to Small-in-one line, it means that it’s with 39% smaller than the other one’s) and money.

It’s sure that is very important the financial account, even it prouves decisive when you want to buy a product. Well, the huge advantage of this multi – function printer is that it can be equipped with CISS system. It means that you can save up to 95% of the imprint costs with this continuous ink supply system.

For more information about this system and its price you can access the official site: CISS Ink System for Epson Stylus S22 / SX125 / SX130 / SX230 / SX235W